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Gwynneth Anderson: Practical Versatility
Gwynneth Anderson has business in her bones.

As a child, she watched her father build a thriving contracting company from scratch. As a teenager, she
applied his savvy advice toward building her own 4-year
, small business venture. These lessons on
providing great customer service while juggling multiple deadlines came in handy once again when she
began her professional career.

Gwynneth spent over 12 years in banking--handling everything from credit analysis
to portfolio risk
to collections to internal compliance. After that, she polished off her credentials with a 3-year
stint in corporate finance that included SEC reporting, corporate earnings releases, and FOREX account

These days, her business is writing about business.

Business operations, health care capital markets, credit rating agencies, and personal finance are just
some of her topics. Her publication credits include Treasury & Risk, Healthcare Design, Investing
Answers, and others. She writes press releases, ghosts CEO commentary, and can crank out a merger and
acquisition sales book like there’s no tomorrow.
 And when she’s not interviewing C-level executives for a
feature article, she’s busy writing operations policy and procedure documents so easy to understand
anyone can use them.

In a nutshell, her can-do attitude and hands-on expertise make her one of the best business writing bets
out there.
Just check out some of her recommendations on LinkedIn.

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gwynneth has also worked extensively in Seattle
, Atlanta,
and Washington, D.C..