Cool day

Hi Again

When I say cool day I am referring to the temperature. I think we have gotten our fair share of rain and cool temperatures over the last few weeks so it would be nice for some sunshine to stick around for awhile. My ideal temp is about 75 degrees unless I am at the beach then I like 80 or higher. We have Grandmas Marathon coming up this weekend so Duluth is going to be crazy busy and the temps are going to be around 80 degrees so not the best conditions for the runners, they tend to like it when it is a little cooler. I personally couldn’t imagine running 26 plus miles and even the William K Irvin 5k would be a challenge for me. I would have to mostly walk because I don’t have the greatest feet. The Marathon is a big deal for Duluth and it brings in thousands of people from all over the place. Runners come from all over the world so that is kind of cool.

I will be there as a spectator because I enjoy the atmosphere as there is a lot of energy. I know I haven’t written for awhile and have been kind of poor at updating you on how my plans are going for my little someday cafe but rest assured it is still a priority of mine. I have been going to a few auctions and looking at some of the equipment that I am going to need because there is no way that I could afford to buy everything brand new. It is amazing on some of the great deals a person can find at auctions. I have my own strategy when it comes to bidding, I won’t usually bid if there is more than one person that is showing any interest because the prices tend to go sky high. I have found the best deals to be had late in the auction after people have spent their wad of money and the bids tend to be lower, of course that’s not always the case.

I picked up a great deep fryer a week or so ago that will be really nice for some of the items I plan to have on my menu. I will give more details about my menu items in future posts. I know it is going to be quite some time before I am able to go out on my own but better late than never.

Well hopefully everyone gets out this weekend to enjoy the warmer weather; I do see there is a 50% chance of rain on Saturday so we will have to see how that plays out. By the way my step sister is coming into town so it will be nice to catch up as we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time. Sometimes we don’t even claim to be related because we have had some issues in the past. I think all is good now though so we should have some fun. I am going to see if she wants to drive around and look at some potential buildings with me so that I can get someone else’s opinion on what type I should go with to fit my business theme. That is all I have for now but I promise to be back soon.

Talk to you then,


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