Crazy Weather Last Night

I’m not sure what you all were doing last night when the storms blew through the area but I was in our little cabin north of Duluth and I will tell you it was quite scary.  We were sitting out by the campfire next to the lake just relaxing and listening to the loons when the rains came. These rains were no thunder showers, they were massive downpours which were so heavy that it caused a minor mud slide on the hill above our cabin which wouldn’t have been a huge deal except for the fact that our cabins entrance is pretty much ground level at the bottom of the hill.

Because of the tornado warnings we were in the garage which is kind of built into the side of the hill so that was the safest place to hunker down until the storm passed. Once the storm had subsided we went to check for any damages on our property and there were a couple of poplar trees blown over which wasn’t a big deal because they were old and didn’t hit anything. The bigger problem was the mud slide. Being our cabins entrance is pretty much ground level and as I mentioned at the bottom of the hill the nasty black mud washed right through the screen door and into the cabin and all over the carpeting.

We called our insurance company and they reminded us that we have a $1000 deductible so we figured it was probably best to try and clean it and dry it out ourselves. That didn’t go so well because the mud just seemed like it was imbedded in the carpet so we finally decided to have someone that knew what they were doing come in and clean it for us. We called a carpet cleaning company in Duluth this morning and they came out with their carpet cleaning steam machine and got it cleaned up pretty good, they did a nice job and it’s probably cleaner than it was before the mud slide. Now we have some big fans blowing on the carpets to try and get them to dry out. It seems like if it’s not one thing it’s another. I guess we were lucky though because our relatives lost all the trees in their yard to a tornado over by Brainerd Minnesota and they also lost the roof and deck to their cabin. The people on the lake had to be hauled out by the Sheriff’s department in boats because there were so many trees across the roads in that area.

I guess there is no perfect weather when it comes right down to it, either its rainy and cool or hot and humid which can lead to nasty storms. Luckily no one that I know of was hurt in yesterday’s storms. A person can always replace property that gets damaged but a person’s life is not replaceable. Let’s hope the storms stay away for awhile. Well I will be heading back up to the lake tonight to check out how the floors are drying. I will try and get back to posting about my little someday café soon.

Talk to everyone soon!


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