Thursday Funday

As I was sitting sitting around relaxing for the evening last night  I started to daydream about my future plans and how nice it will be to be able to work for myself and not have to worry about someone constantly looking over my shoulder. That’s the main reason I don’t want to disclose where I work because my boss isn’t a very nice person. I get through many days at work by daydreaming about my little crepe cafe and how the crepes will all be hand made with the freshest of mostly organic toppings.

It is simply amazing to me the different kinds of toppings and flavors that I will have. Everywhere from strawberries and cream cheese to chocolate and whip cream. If i’m making you hungry I apologize but hopefully you will be able to sample my delicacies someday. I will occasionally be adding some photos of the ideas I have and if you think of any special flavors that you think would be really good, don’t hesitate to send me an email here. Well I had better get back to work because if I get caught working on my blog I will probably be without a job. So I will update again soon.


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